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The most affordable approach to Adwords - no monthly management fees!

Google Adwords, also referred to as Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, is the most targeted, flexible and powerful advertising tool available at present. With PPC advertising results are guaranteed, your ads are highly targeted, you are in control of your advertising budget, and you pay only for results received.


The first three listings in Google’s search results receive 70% of the clicks; with Google Adwords, you can position your business right at the top of Google, allowing you to completely outperform your competition.


Taking the plunge to advertise with Google AdWords no longer needs much justification, Google is the largest search engine in the world. However, getting the right kind of start with your AdWords Campaign is essential to success. You’ll lose time and money if you get it wrong.


For a once-off set-up fee of R850, we ensure that your Adwords Campaign is a success from the first day. You never pay us again, no commission, no retainer, no management fee!


We set-up your Google Adwords Account, create your Adwords Campaign, write your Ads, select the most effective Keywords, suggest a daily Budget and Keyword Bids, provide you with a free 1-our Telephone Consultation as well as three months of free E-mail Support and send you a Weekly Performance Report.


All you have to do is to activate your account, check your mail for your weekly report and adjust your campaign budget and keyword bids whenever you deem necessary. You can increase or decrease your budget, pause or stop the campaign completely, add Ad groups and Ads, and add or delete keywords at any time. In one word: you are in control at any time.


Optional Extra: For a small fee, you can upgrade to our unlimited premium telephone and e-mail support if you still feel you need our help after the first 3 months of free support.



"I have heard many things about Google AdWords. And like many others, I too was skeptical whether this is the right tool for my small business. But one year later, I know it was the best thing I could ever do for my business and our Adwords Campaign is now the core of our online marketing strategy, generating well over 60% of our business. The rest are referals from satisfied customers."